Green Shed - Standing Buffalo Dakota Nation

Standing Buffalo Dakota Nation


The GreenShed evolved out of the Standing Buffalo Dakota Nation Community Plan. The GreenShed is a small test structure that engaged the community in exploring how straw bales, a local material, can be used in the construction of community buildings. The project was always intended to be more than a simple storage shed. The GreenShed advanced several community goals. In addition to its primary functions as a greenhouse and shed for the community garden, this project created numerous future spin-off uses. By incorporating them into the school curriculum, the GreenShed and Community Garden can be used to teach about food production, environmental systems, healthy eating and active lifestyles. This builds knowledge and skills in support of the community’s health and self-sufficiency goals. There were opportunities to support other Action Areas of the Community Plan by creating a place to relax, teach, learn, gather and socialize, all while producing healthy and inexpensive food.

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