Berwick Northern Gateway

Town of Berwick
Community Planning
Urban Design


Our work on the Town of Berwick Northern Gateway shows both our experience working with communities in Kings County as well as a familiarity of the needs and sensitives for Active Transportation in the Region.

This plan considered and illustrates the entire Town of Berwick and while enhancing and celebrating the Town’s identity. The Gateway represents an attitude and a series of ambitions for Berwick, not simply an entrance or a sign. The spirit of the Town could be seen and discovered throughout Berwick, along its trail network, down the main street, in the rhythm and design of gardens and trees.

This plan focused on connectivity and the resulting designs includes a number of repeated and consistent elements, including landscaping, a series of gardens, a canopy of street trees and pedestrian-scaled lighting. The plan proposes that the Commercial street become the main walking/bikiing connection between Hwy 1 and 101

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