Kieran Stepan

Partner and Community Planner

Kieran Stepan is a community planner who holds a Bachelor of Community Design with honours in Urban Design and a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Sustainability and Society from Dalhousie University (2016). Her varied experience has focused on community-based planning approaches; discovering new ways to bring people closer to planning so change comes from the community. Kieran has worked in the municipal, private and non-profit sectors. Working on the Urban Renewal Team at the eThekwini Municipality (Durban, South Africa) she broadened her understanding of the challenges communities and individuals face and the importance of inclusive participatory planning. Kieran’s work at the CEU has been grounded in community, she thrives on discovering new ways to involve people and community in every stage of a project. She is passionate about the connection between people and places and the power of community voice, in her role as the Director of the Planning and Design Centre she strives to spark curiosity, engagement, and innovation through placemaking projects, demonstrations and public forums.